Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Over the Years...

It seems that any given RoS episode follows this pattern: The first time it is viewed, it is serious with funny bits. By the 11th time it is viewed, it is hilarious with a few serious bits. I doubt I am the only one to notice this.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Believe it or not, I am sitting on my computer working on new wallpapers and storyline's for Elandria's currently dismal life. Give me a bit of time...It is coming...

Thursday, May 9, 2013


It was only my idiocy that drove me to create a blog at the end of the school year, when my internet access becomes sparatic and my brain becomes fried. I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN THIS BLOG!

...Because nothing's ever forgotten, right?

Narrative from Nottingham #2

Boredom is a major part of my life, I fear. I have spent the last three days doing nothing but sulking and petting my cat, Ember.

I did have a dream about Marion last night. I do miss her sometimes, she was such a good friend! But she is free now--free from this stiff, stuffy place.

I have more to tell you about a failed escapade of the Sheriff, but that will have to wait, for it is late and I need sleep.

L & D,


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Narrative from Nottingham #1

My name is Elandria Rowena. I dwell in Nottingham Castle, and it is my solemn duty to record the happenings of the castle, here, on this blog. I will begin my narrative with a brief description of my life, and my surroundings,

I live comfortably. Or so I am told. I am fortunate to wear fine clothes, and always have food. I often spend afternoons doing nothing but working on embroidery. I have been taught to read, much against all my guardians' will, and spend much time reading as well. I have also picked up the skill of chess playing, simply by watching men play it.

But my life is dark. It is smoky. My eyes often burn because they have been deprived of fresh oxygen. The only air I get comes from when I stroll in the grounds, or when I lean my upper half out of the window in my chambers.

I am the ward of the Sheriff, Robert de Rainault. He avoids me at all costs. Who my parents are, I have, quite honestly, no idea. I am betrothed to the deputy of the Sheriff. Both of these men, for some reason, find it their life's work to capture and kill Robin Hood, the Wolfshead. But for what, exactly? For helping others. Of course, he has broken the law. Multiple laws, in fact. But to kill someone because all they want is to aid others? And--I will be audacious in my saying of this--but I sometimes am jealous of him and his band. To be able to live in fresh air, with nothing but leaves between you and the sun! It must be beautiful!

I am a relatively quiet girl. I have eyes which can never decide whether they would like to be blue or grey. My hair is a colourless blonde, which darkens a midtone with every year I am kept in the dark.

I will begin my narratives of my uneventful life soon.

May the powers of Light and Darkness by ever with you.

-Lady Elandria

Just a Note...

A bit on the random side, but (and I'll mention on the A & W page as well) any avatars I post on my DeviantART account may need resizing before they can be used on some websites. I leave them quite large intentionally, rather than size them to the basic 100x100, so that the user may size them however they like. Resizing can be done simply with Microsoft Windows Picture Manager, or most any other photo processing/viewing program.

Light and Darknes,

Thursday, April 25, 2013


The Weeklies (well, hopefully weeklies) page has begun!

If you like the random tidbits, or if they weren't random enough for you, or if you already knew all of them, or, I suppose I could say, if you had any opinion whatsoever about them, comment! (And then look for more, there are so many...)